King's Town School


King's Town School Governance


In 2006, King’s Town School (KTS) became a not-for-profit, charitable organization. Ever since, the Board of Directors has had the important task of developing policy for the school and of ensuring the goals of the students and families are being reached. The primary goal of the school is to provide quality education to our students. We have been fortunate throughout the history of King's Town School to be able to say that the students here receive an excellent learning experience and are well prepared for their high school experience.



Board of Directors: Voting Members


Glen McCurdy, President

Glen joined the board in 2015, and works in Kingston as a consulting systems engineer, supporting transit agencies locally and worldwide. Originally from Ottawa, Glen first came to Kingston to complete a degree in engineering physics at Queen’s University, then worked in Toronto for Honeywell and Thales as a project engineer on several aerospace and transit control projects. Glen returned to Kingston in 2010 with his family and enjoys the wonderful recreational and cultural opportunities that Kingston has to offer. Glen enjoys working with the Board and all members of the KTS community to ensure that the school continues to grow and thrive.


Rick Rooney, Secretary

Rick has been on the KTS board since 2015, and fills the role of board secretary. He is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario (HBSc Chemistry) and owns and operates a local Kingston solar company which he founded in 2002. When not busy with family or work life, Rick heads to the bike trails or local lakes to canoe and camp. His daughter is a graduate of the KTS Montessori program and is now in third grade. After five years at King’s Town, she feels a real attachment to the school and her teachers, and loves the small class size and interactions between children in all grades.


Paul Fairfield, Director

Paul joined the board in 2016, and is a professor of philosophy at Queen’s University where he has taught since 2002. Originally from Brockville, he received a Ph.D. from McMaster in 1995 and spent a few years teaching at a couple of southern Ontario universities before coming to Kingston. A passionate educator, he is also the author of a number of books on various philosophical topics, including philosophy of education. Whatever free time he has is spent with his wife and daughter, at the gym, or in the garden. Paul and Gwyneth’s six-year-old daughter is a graduate of the KTS Montessori program and is currently in grade one at KTS. She loves her school, her teachers, and her classmates.



Board of Directors: Non-Voting Members


Roxanne Garwood, Principal

Roxanne has been teaching in Kingston since 1998 when she completed the Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science degree programs at Queen’s University. She joined KTS in 2010 as a mathematics and science teacher and accepted the role of principal the following year. Her son attends the Montessori program at KTS, where he thoroughly enjoys the nurturing guidance of Martha and Theresa and loves learning, working, and playing with his mixed aged classmates. When she finds herself with free time, Roxanne enjoys spending time outdoors with her son and pug, and visiting with family and friends.


Martha Thomson, Vice Principal

Martha joined King’s Town School the year it opened in 2004 as a Montessori Directress. A native of Kingston, Martha attended Queen’s University and then went on to do her Montessori training at The Foundation for Montessori Education in Toronto. Under the tutelage of Renilde Montessori, granddaughter of Maria Montessori, Martha graduated from the program in 1992. Martha has been teaching the Montessori philosophy ever since. Martha is also Vice Principal at KTS and enjoys working alongside Principal Garwood and the extraordinary teaching and administrative staff. Martha and her husband are now empty nesters as their daughter is now a student at McGill. When Martha is not home with her husband and energetic dog, she enjoys travelling, exercising, spending time at her cottage, and cooking.


Karly Holmes, Treasurer

Karly joined the KTS community in 2010, and has been an active parent volunteer throughout these years. Originally from Ottawa, she holds an MSc. from the University of Guelph. Karly is a health promotion consultant, researcher, and evaluator. She has worked with the Public Health Agency of Canada, the Canadian Public Health Association, and the World Health Organization. In her free time she enjoys kayaking on Lake Ontario and hiking around the Frontenac region with her husband and two boys. Karly and Alex’s sons are both graduates of the KTS Montessori program and are currently in grades two and five. Her boys love going to school every day and cannot wait for Monday morning so they can tell their teachers and friends about their weekend.


Tandy Thomas, Marketing

Tandy has been volunteering as a marketing advisor to the KTS board since 2015. She is an assistant professor of marketing at the Smith School of Business at Queen’s University. After spending several years studying in the United States, Tandy returned to Kingston in 2009 and has been happily living here ever since. In addition to working with KTS, Tandy enjoys running, soccer, and traveling—especially to places that allow her and her husband, Steve, to snorkel. Tandy and Steve have two daughters who are happily enrolled in the KTS Montessori program.


Bernie Chalmers, Advisor

Bernie has been working with the KTS board since 2015. He is currently retired after enjoying a long career in business. He has a unique blend of multinational general management (manufacturing and consulting industries), entrepreneurial, and HR experience, with strengths in small business management, turnaround, and start-ups. When not traveling the world with this wife, Bev, Bernie enjoys time outdoors at his home in Battersea and spending time with this children and grandchildren, two of whom currently attend KTS. 



Parent Council


Courtney Slack

Hamoon Khani

Rachel Koven


Rachel Rooney

Rachel has been involved with the KTS Parent Council for the past three years. In addition to being the mother of two great kids, both of whom attend KTS, she is an anesthesiologist at Kingston General Hospital and an assistant professor of anesthesiology at Queen’s University. Parent Council organizes a number of fun student and family events such as movie nights and the spring and fall school barbeques. Students love these events and Rachel is happy to facilitate them.