King's Town School


Kelly Scriven

image of teacherMontessori Assistant


Ms. Kelly received the Montessori Directress certification from AMI's The Foundation for Montessori Education after graduating from U of T with her BAH in Art History. The teaching experience Ms Kelly has brought with her to KTS consists of teaching in various Montessori environments over the past five years in Kingston, Toronto and most recently Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Ms. Kelly's passion about the Montessori method began during her first observation, while attending university, when her observation took place right here at KTS in Ms. Martha's class! Throughout her teaching career Ms. Kelly has worked with several behavioural, occupational and speech therapists to best aid her students to learn at the very best of their abilities in the most caring and informed environment possible.

When not in the classroom Kelly enjoys artwork, music, cooking and occasionally painting some pieces in her favourite flow acrylic medium.