King's Town School


Meagan Midghall

image of teacherMontessori, Grades 1 - 8 French Teacher

Meagan Midghall has lived in Kingston for many years and adores the city and its strong French culture. Meagan is a graduate of Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) and a B. Ed. with a Focus in French Method at the Elementary Level. Recently, Meagan completed the Additional Teaching Qualification, French as a Second Language, at UOIT. This experience furthered her desire to teach FSL to students of all levels. 

As a teacher Meagan believes education should be enjoyable for students and differentiated instruction helps all students to obtain the highest level of understanding. Her successful completion of Special Education Part 1 has helped her to realize the importance of differentiated instruction when teaching a second language to ensure all students are improving and understanding lesson content. Meagan believes that in the French classroom each student should be nurtured with a positive attitude and encouraged to do their best. She looks forward to beginning her teaching career with King’s Town School and contributing to the development and continuation of the French language in our multilingual and diverse community.

When she isn’t teaching, Meagan enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading, cooking and singing.