King's Town School


Phoebe Cohoe

Visual Arts Teacher 

As an artist herself, she brings a strong technical artistic background and a love for creativity and imagination. Phoebe received her Bachelor of Fine Art (Hons.) from Queen’s University, with a minor in Art History, and proceeded to complete her Bachelor of Education also at Queen’s with a specialization in Artist in Community Education. She has also completed an additional qualification in Special Education. As an educator Phoebe believes that the art room should be an inclusive community where students can learn and grow together, and strives to create an environment where all students feel valued and encouraged to try new things.

Phoebe has lived in Kingston for 6 years. She enjoys exploring the local arts scene and is involved with many local galleries. Outside of the classroom Phoebe keeps up her own artistic practice, and also loves playing sports, gardening, playing board games and reading.