King's Town School

Beyond The Classroom

Home and School Connection


Good home-school communications are vital to the success of the students, and are maintained at KTS through student agendas, parent-teacher meetings, written and electronic correspondence and telephone calls. We encourage parents to contact us if a concern arises.



All students are provided with an agenda. Students are required to organize and update their agendas and keep track of all short and long-term assignments and events. Parents are asked to read and sign the agenda every day to ensure their child is staying on track and any concerns are being addressed. Teachers and parents are encouraged to use the agenda to communicate messages. 


Parent Portal

Beginning in the fall of 2012 KTS launched a password protected Parent Portal to provide our community with a forum to stay up to date with information being sent out by the Main Office, the Board, homeroom teachers and subject area teachers. The Portal can be accessed from the main page of the school website. On the Portal families can view Weekly School Updates sent out by the Main Office, homework, assignments and other classroom information. The Portal is family specific, each family has access to the classes that are relevant to their child/ren. As well, the school calendar, Board and Parent Council information can be found on the Portal. The Portal is updated regularly with any notices that have gone home, schedule changes, etc. 


Parent-Teacher Communication

At any time during the year, teachers and staff are available to discuss student progress or address any concerns you may have. In most cases, your child’s homeroom teacher should be the first point of contact. You may contact your child’s teacher to request a meeting via email, written communication in your child’s agenda or by phone call to the Main Office. A meeting will be arranged at the earliest convenience. 



Email is a key form of communication from the school’s Main Office, teachers, the Board of Directors, and Parent Council. Parents can expect non-urgent emails will be responded to within one to two school days.


Report Cards

Parents will receive a progress report in the fall and formal Report Cards at the end of Term 1 and Term 2.