King's Town School

Beyond The Classroom

House Teams

In September of 2009, King's Town School adopted traditional House Teams to encourage pride, respect, and personal responsibility among students. It is intended that the House Teams will build team and leadership skills, promote co-operation, give students a sense of ownership, and create healthy competition in friendly games and other extra-curricular activities.

When a student joins King's Town School, he or she will be assigned to a House and will remain in that House until they leave KTS. Students earn house points for particularly good pieces of work, high levels of effort, contribution to school life, helping others, participation in school clubs and success in the arts, and athletics. These points will all add up towards a cumulative House total and, at the end of the year, decide the outcome of the House Cup.

We have four Houses which are represented by a colour. The Houses are: Green, Blue, Yellow and Red. During House events, each student is encouraged to wear his or her House colours.