King's Town School

Beyond The Classroom


King's Town School offers students many opportunities to develop their leadership skills while making meaningful contributions to both the school and local community. 


Student Body Representatives

Food DriveEach year, students are chosen to represent the student body of King's Town School as Head Boy and Head Girl. Many things are considered in choosing these students, including academic performance, community spirit, and leadership abilites. In these roles, our Head Boy and Girl lead by example, can be found volunteering in all manners throughout the school, and in concert with our Student Council, organize spirit days and special events for the student body.


Student Council

The KTS Student Council is comprised of students who have been elected by their peers to represent them. Students may be elected to the Council as the Head of their House Team or as a Class Respresenative. Students consistently have opportunities to develop their personal leadership skills while working within this group dynamic helps thems to learn the importance of cooperation. Thoughout the year, Student Council organizes spirit events for their peers and initiates both school and charitable fundrasing events.