King's Town School


Areas of Learning



Practical Life

Young children have a strong urge to become independent. Practical life activities help them to perfect the skills they need in daily life. While learning essential life skills, the children are also developing hand-eye coordination and the capacity to focus their attention for the entirety of an activity. Successful completion of such tasks gives children a real sense of their own achievement, and this builds their self confidence.







Sensorial Exploration

Children are vividly aware of the world, constantly exploring it and taking in impressions through all their senses. The sensorial materials encourage children to order and classify the physical properties of the world they live in. These activties stimulate and develop the senses, refining children's powers of observation, perception, exploration and communication.






Montessori mathematics materials enable even a very young child to achieve a natural appreciation of mathematical concepts through his/her own efforts. This avoids the mental blocks which so often occur in children faced with purely abstract concepts. Specially designed equipment helps children to grasp concrete ideas along with sensory experience of numbers, quantities and mathematical operations. Gradually children can move confidently to complete abstract mathematical problems. Many Montessori educated children graduate from King's Town Montessori with a genuine love of numbers and mathematics.




In King's Town Montessori children learn to express themselves. The freedom offered to the children creates many opportunities for them to communicate with their peers and the adults. We emphasize the development of vocabulary based on real experiences and the early preparation required for reading and writing. Advanced activities take the child well beyond the basic skills into reading and writing for interpretation, creativity and pleasure.




Cultural Exploration of the World Around

The Montessori approach covers a wide range of subjects which reflect the broad interests of young children. The Montessori environment stimulates these interests and extends knowledge and understanding of arts and crafts, geography, history, music and science in the natural world. Cultures from around the world are explored and celebrated.