King's Town School


The Montessori Day


At King's Town Montessori each child develops at his or her own pace, in the prepared Montessori environment with the specially designed Montessori materials. Children are encouraged not to compare themselves with others but to do their very best each day. There is an atmosphere of calm as children concentrate on what they are doing for surprisingly long periods of time. Children work individually, or in a group with a friend. The morning and afternoon sessions run for two hours in which there is not fixed time-table. Groups occur spontaneously throughout the work period as well as short circle periods that encourage the children to participate in singing and daily routines.


Child with chalkboard



Activities cover all aspects of child development, intellectual, physical, and social. Each activity is complete in itself and activities are inter-related. We provide the children with achievable challenges throughout their time at the school, so that self-esteem is nurtured and they are encouraged to even greater exploration and learning. 





Mixed Age Groups

Classes in the school always maintain a mixed age group (2.5 - 6 years of age). Older children gain in confidence and reinforce their knowledge through helping those younger than themselves, and the younger children learn through watching the older ones. The mixed age group builds awareness of others in the community.





French and Music

At King's Town School the Montessori students have instruction in French and Music from our French and Music Teacher. The children engage in song and games giving them a taste of the French language and the freedom to sing and move to rhythms and song.





Child with banana



Snack and Lunch

Students choose when to have their snack in both the morning and afternoon and we dine as a group during the lunch hour. All snacks and lunches must be nut-free. Due to the growing numbers in our school population, we also encourage students to take home garbage and recycling for disposal. Healthy and nutritious snacks and lunches are strongly encouraged as is the use of reusable containers for both food and drinks.








Outdoor Play

Throughout the day, the children always have time to play out of doors in our on-site playground. During the school year, we often venture to the library, the outdoor skating rink at the market, Sangers farm for outdoor hiking and nature exploration, as well as other seasonal trips.







Daily Timetable
9:00am Arrival at King's Town School
9:00am – 11:20am Uninterrupted work time with the Montessori materials
11:20am – 11:30am Circle Time ( singing, the weather, announcements)
11:30am  12:00pm Lunch time
12:00pm  – 1:00pm Outdoor play time
12:30pm Pick up for morning students/drop off for afternoon students
1:00pm  3:00pm Uninterrupted work time with Montessori materials
3:00pm  3:30pm Outdoor play time
3:30pm Pick up time for all students