King's Town School


The Role of the Teacher


Dr. Montessori preferred to call teachers in the Montessori classroom "Directresses", because they direct the activities of the children within the prepared environment. The Directress is the dynamic link between the child and the carefully prepared environment. She carefully monitors each child's development and recognizes and interprets each child's needs and interests based on their stage of self-formation and personalities. She then provides the child with challenges and obstacles suitable to their abilities. It is during the subsequent independent use of the materials and activities that learning takes place.

Constant observation by the Directress is critical to the Montessori environment. It is only when the Directress has observed a child being successful with a certain material that she knows the child to be ready for the next step in learning. Parents are informed of their child's progress through our "Home Book"; a book that goes home every month with a report on the activities, explorations and discoveries that a child has worked with and made. Parents are encouraged to write back in the book with any questions or concerns, or they can merely treat the book as a journal, tracking the activities and events of home life. Ultimately, the Home Book then becomes a journal of the child's early life for parents and child to read in the years ahead.